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t was supposed to be a peaceful transition o

meni children have been killed or seriously injur▓ed at a

minimum rate of five per day in 2017 alone. The out▓breaks of

cholera and d

f power from the longt▓ime president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to his deputy Abdrabbuh

iphtheria have also

Mansour Hadi evolved into a regional confli▓ct.With the Houthi rebel group joining

claimed hundreds o

the fight as well as an intervention by the coalition troops led by Saudi Arabi

f children's lives

a, Yemen has been dragged into a civil war whi▓ch shows no sign of abating until to

."Much more attention

day."It is ▓fair to say today that every single girl▓ and boy in Yemen is facing a

is needed to (be paid to) th

cute humanitarian needs," Cappelaere said, adding that the war an▓d underdevelopm

e situation in Yemen

. This has been rightly described as one o▓f the worst humanitarian crises the world ▓has ever known," Cappelaere told reporters.Yemen, alread▓y one of the poorest countries in the M▓iddle East, has been devastated

ent had done "unfortunately nothing good" for the children.The official sa

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